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Episode 185: “When Two Podcast Worlds Collide: Jon Lamoreaux from The Hustle”!

Releasing this episode on our 4th Anniversary; we are beyond excited to have a special and featured guest on today’s episode of INXS: Access all Areas. Jon Lamoreaux from The Hustle Podcast, based in Denver Colorado has created over 470 episodes of fantastic music deep dive content over the last 9 years to critical acclaim.

The original driving inspiration behind Haydn creating this INXS podcast with Bee, Jon’s musical passion, love of Australian/New Zealand artists and fantastic dulcet tones has resulted in nearly a million downloads since its inception creating hours upon hours of interesting content that has brought listening pleasure to thousands.

Today we join forces to discuss the DNA of the Australasian music scene and how a band like INXS were able to take the mantle from iconic “live acts” that preceded them such as The Angels, AC/DC, Cold Chisel, Dragon, Midnight Oil and Split Enz to name just a few. What was this notion called “grit” that permeated all of these acts to perform to such truly high levels and meant the public/concert goers were given blistering, raw and pulsating performances up close and personal every time.

We talk about INXS’ place in history, their Rock n Roll Hall of Fame prospects plus what musically they meant to an ardent fan such as Jon. Filled with fantastic anecdotes, references, opinions and passion, this unique episode is one we are proud to share with you and trust you’ll love it as much as we do.

There won't be dropping an episode this weekend. We would like to wish all the Mothers out there a restful Mother's day, including Bee.

The Hustle Podcast link below

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