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Episode 183: “The Swing 40th Anniversary”

Thumbnail for INXS Access All Areas podcast, Episode 183 that talks about the 40th anniversary of The Swing album.

We are privileged to be joined by patrons Darren Joseph, Brett Williams and Dr. Jim along with good friend of the podcast Darren Jones, to discuss and celebrate the 40th anniversary of INXS’ commercial breakout album, The Swing!

Musical tendencies and tastes often formulate during those halcyon teenage years and today’s panel deep dive into the joys of this album evoke true feelings of nostalgia, sentimentality and happiness. We discuss which songs resonated upon release in 1984 and still to this day, as well as the importance of VHS/Video on each songs' impact and the album cover/contents that were of its time. Having sold over 2,500,000 copies globally, we tackle the albums mysterious initial commercial failings in the USA market which were likely due to the album's overtly political and racially charged lyrics that stalled radio and MTV support. That aside, American fans post Kick went back and re-discovered this gem leading to platinum status accreditation, embracing songs such as Original Sin, Burn for You and I Send a Message when played “live” over the years.

Having previously reviewed The Swing album in episode 13 and having explored (Ep. 68, 121 and 122) with Nick Launay (producer) and Philip Mortlock (A&R), this episode of the INXS Access All Areas podcast is a true joy and trip down memory lane to a time and place where INXS raised their game from underground, alternative darlings to true, versatile and musical players about to make their mark globally!

Love and Peace

Hadyn and Bee

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