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About Us

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Our Mission

A chance meeting at Richard Lowenstein's movie premiere of Mystify, in Sydney, Australia. Started our friendship and the love for "Our Band"


Unknowing at the time that Haydn had been working on a series of podcasts, dedicated to INXS, but needing to find the right partner to start this journey.  

Bee on the other hand was the INXS social butterfly and was tech-savvy enough to get the party started!

Launching on the 8th May 2020 with nothing more than  "Let's do this!" INXS Access all Areas show took off and has been rocketing ever since. 

One of our missions is to help get INXS recognized and nominated into 

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

There is a dedicated team helping to get this message out via all levels of social media. If you would like to be a part of this and sign the petition, here is the link:

We Need Your Support 

or donate 

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