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184: The INXS Deep Tracks revealed an Interactive Show.

Continuing our musical themes of recent weeks, we at last get the opportunity to finalize INXS: Access all Areas “Deep Cut” tracks Spotify Playlist that highlights the best of the best iconic “album tracks” that never made it to a “singles release”. “No filler, all killer” is a tagline that would adequately apply to INXS over their ten albums with Michael Hutchence. They never rested on their laurels when it came to putting an album together often having over 30 songs to choose from when it came to finalising the final track listing.

So in todays final compilation, Bee and I retrieve from all of the previous album review episodes, our favourite deep cuts and assemble them into a 36 song “Quadruple Album” tour-de-force playlist with themes for our 4 sided compilation.

We want this to be a truly interactive episode and ask you to open up the Spotify playlist below and embrace these wonderful tracks in “real time” as we discuss them with you. In this modern era where musical acts seem only be able to conjure middling singles, we celebrate the mighty INXS’ greatness once again with what could be taglined “the best of the rest”!!!

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