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Episode 186: Welcome to Rockstar INXS... OUT NOW!

Updated: May 18

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Episode 186: Welcome to Rockstar INXS

In December 2004 INXS announced the bold move to enter the “Reality TV” world with the global media release of Rockstar INXS. A talent identification based competition filmed and released via CBS, VH1 and affiliates aiming to find INXS’ new lead singer.

In this episode, we discuss the backdrop behind this announcement, the format of the show, the motivations for INXS/Management going down this pathway amidst various anecdotes from this period as we set up one of the most fascinating and risky periods of INXS’ career.


As a framework setup to subsequent episodes, Rockstar INXS despite some of its critics was able to bring rock n roll and fantastic classic songs back into the mainstream audiences globally with songs from Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Killers and many others front and center amongst the contestants. With excellent production values from the king of reality tv, Mark Burnett, credible hosting duties by Jane’s Addiction’s lead guitarist Dave Navarro and compering by the stunning Brooke Burke, Rockstar INXS managed to remind and probe older fans and new millennials what a force INXS were and could be despite the tragic loss of their original frontmen, Michael Hutchence.


With Bee in the UK for 4 weeks, our team has set you some “enjoyable homework” and that being to hit up YouTube, watch all 32 episodes and relive with fresh eyes and ears plus without prejudice the drama, the twists and the turns that were Rockstar INXS.


Love and Peace


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