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Our Patrons

Honorary Patrons  

Tim Farriss

Richard Simpkin

Nick Egan

Mark Opitz

AAA Patrons

We look forward to rewarding you with special access to extra content, be a regular contributor to our topics, and fan engagement combined with special invites to our VIP Zoom caller series, depending on which level you choose.

Your efforts will allow and inspire us to put extra time into acknowledging this magnificent band in terms of equipment, resources, and time. Thus increasing our chances of putting out week to week a product that does justice to this iconic band of brothers. Thank you so much.


Haydn & Bee


Patron's reviews


One day while away for the weekend I was looking at the hundreds of podcasts on hundreds of subjects, to narrow it down I searched contemporary music podcasts and I came across one dedicated to INXS.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but in the back of my mind, I probably thought it would be some badly put-together amateur mistake-laden experience.


Within the first 30 seconds, I realized my instincts were wrong, instead I heard a slick, professionally formatted show.

The male voice talked about the music in the same way a Rolling Stone journalist would well research and thought-provoking and just as I thought this was the peak of what was already a well put together and informative podcast, a female voice, full of positivity, lightened the mood making sure things didn’t get too academic, she added the sparkle with the right amount of humor and information.


Since then Haydn and Bee (the co-hosts) have become friends and my INXS world has opened up again.


I’m surprised there aren’t more podcasts with this formula but for now INXS Access All Areas IS the only podcast that matters

Nick Egan, Hollywood LA 


I decided to become a patron because INXS Access All Areas with Haydn & Bee has helped me get through the tedium and isolation of the pandemic.

New podcast episodes drop every Sunday, and this gives me something positive to look forward to every week.


Even though we've never met, Haydn & Bee feel like old friends.


It was important to me to contribute and become a patron to say "thanks" and to help them keep new episodes coming!


Laurie, Chicago, Illinois (USA)


I cannot speak to the INXS newbie. I can, however, address the hard-core Orthodox INXS fan! I have researched and studied INXS since childhood.


I started early wanting to know about inspirations, music method, lyric analysis, musical deconstruction... I wanted to Know it All! As a student of INXS, I am always Searching () for Deep Dive information. Anything to advance and broaden my knowledge about INXS (and for me, Michael).

I have listened to INXS Access All Areas from the very beginning. INXS AAA has allowed me to deep dive weekly as well as be a part of a group of equally avid fans.


INXS AAA has allowed me to directly hear from podcast guests that have been my lifelong influencers such as Nick Egan, Mark Opitz, and author Richard Simpkin.


I can say that becoming an INXS AAA patron is a solid choice for the INXS aficionado!

Foxi, USA


From the moment I first heard INXS Access All Areas, I knew I found the podcast for me!


The vast knowledge Hayden has of the band is amazing, Bee's energetic charm and relatable fangirl in all of us makes them the perfect pair to bring all things INXS to the world. 

 I became a patron to get even more insight into the band, participate in competitions, speak with other fanatics like myself & help bring this beloved band back to the center stage!!

Thank you, Hayden & Bee 


Danyelle & Joel

Navarre, FL, USA



I absolutely love Haydn & Bees’ podcast INXS Access All Areas. I got involved from the very start as I am a mad crazy INXS fan and was so thankful that I found such an informative, professional, and entertaining podcast run by two dedicated fans of INXS.


I became a patron to not only support the ongoing production of their episodes but also to enter all of the cool competitions & giveaways.


I look forward to each and every episode and to Haydn & Bee’s banter! Pour a glass of bubbly & join the INXS Access All Areas community and have some fun!🥰🥰🥂


Lisa Mac xx Brisbane, Australia


I love INXS and I love being a patron of the INXS Access All Areas podcast.  It makes me feel like I’m doing something active to help promote my favorite band and help bring them the recognition they so thoroughly deserve. 


There are so many benefits to being a patron-Haydn and Bee recognise us at the start of every show, bringing us to the attention of everyone listening, there are fantastic competitions to enter with fantastic prizes and we even get a chance to go on the podcast ourselves in their periodic zoom chats and say why we love the band! 


Definitely worth the money which goes back into promoting the podcast and the band. 


Thank you Haydn and Bee for allowing me to be part of the INXS Access All Areas family!  Xxxx

armen from Wollongong Australia


Access all Areas with Haydn & Bee PodCast is the quintessential podcast series on the internet when it comes to all things INXS.

Haydn and Bee are the perfect combination of INXS knowledge and genuine love of the band. Each episode has regular features like a well-researched topic of the week or a special interview with some close to the band.

Also, I love their objective in gaining INXS recognition in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Great show, great work.


Mark Opitz


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