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INXS On Track:
Every Album, Every Song

by Manny Grillo

This is the first book that takes a deep dive into their entire catalogue, taking in every INXS track, including song commentaries, opinion, facts and stories. From their early demos to breakthrough album Shabooh Shoobah and The Swing via the global success of Kick to the creative rebirth of Welcome To Wherever You Are, all the way through to the post-Hutchence celebration Original Sin, every album track and B-side is covered here in glorious detail.

Book cover of David Clement's "Along for the Ride."

Along for the Ride

by Dave Clement
“Along for the Ride” is the story of INXS and follows their rise to fame through the eyes of David Clement, a friend, and racing car driver who shared the boys’ love of fast cars and music. Find out about how some of those famous vehicles came to part of the INXS story.

6 Australians: Youth memories and passion for
the rock band of Michael Hutchence

Book Cover of Stefano Ceccherini's 6 Australians, Youth memories and passion for the rock band of Michael Hutchence
by Stephano Ceccherini
These stories were born at night, off the cuff, driven by the urgency to combine apparently detached suggestions, images and riffs: INXS, 6 Australians who came into my life out of the blue and were able to capture and express constant and perfect chemistry, manifesting it through rhythm, as if it were nothing, thanks to a lively, curious and at the same time impulsive frontman. From an unexpected encounter paired with unusually thick fog, this brief and heartfelt memory aims to turn the tragic epilogue of an artist’s life into the urge to revive the vibrancy of constant ideation, a powerful and inebriating energy which fame alone can neither adequately express nor preserve over time.
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