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Episode 182: Jon Stevens joins INXS

Updated: Apr 10

Thumbnail for INXS Access All Areas podcast, Episode 182 about life with new front-man, Jon Stevens.

After confidence boosting performances with Terence Trent D'Arby, the Tim Rice Extravaganza and closing out the 2000 Olympic Games, INXS sought an old mate to take the frontman duties in ex Noiseworks lead singer, Jon Stevens.

Having carved a 20 plus year career as a soloist, frontman and pivotal member of the 1992/93 Jesus Christ Superstar revival stage show throughout Australia, Jon’s credentials were bonafide and deserving. With domestic tours throughout Australia, and subsequent ones to the USA, Latin America and Europe, it looked like INXS had overcome the inner uncertainty that plagued their previous 4 years.

Armed with a plan to assert themselves across the globe in both a “live concert” and recording sense, optimism was high. Despite strong reviews of Jon’s contribution to the band particularly in the performing sense, Jon would get disheartened with the lack of band creativity in the studio. With the sole single “I Get Up” released in 2003 to coincide with the Rugby Union World Cup the only fresh material, Jon would decide to leave INXS to pursue his own musical interests. That aside, Jon’s contribution to the healing, morale and confidence for INXS to continue as a going concern entity cannot be underestimated and should be appreciated.

We also go back to the year 1998 with a little pleasure and pain segment highlighting the sheer disparity of great and not-so-great songs that permeated the airwaves. So sit back, pour yourself a favourite tipple and enjoy a jam-packed episode 182 of INXS: Access all Areas podcast.

Plus the all important competion comes to an end and we see who will win the 2 tickets to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

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