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Episode 180: INXS Compilation Albums Part 2 / 2001-2002

Updated: Mar 28

Thumbnail for INXS Access All Areas podcast, Episode 180 about the bands compilation albums in 201 and 2002

In episode 131, we embarked on a closer look into INXS compilation albums (1982’s INXSIVE and 1994 Greatest Hits) with attention and detail. 

In the 2001-2002 period, INXS Management undertook the release of two distinct compilation albums for two different regions. “Shine like it Does” under their USA label Rhino, a 42 song extravaganza covering 1979-1997 released primarily in the USA.

Secondly, “The Years:1979-1997” for their Australian market, a 41 song deep dive catalogue representation covering their Australasian and global career.

With the band in a holding pattern, both releases served to remind old fans and new ones, the deep musical contribution INXS made to the sonic soundscapes since the inception. Both these releases overcame the shortfalls of 1994’s Greatest Hits releases in the USA, UK and Australia respectively and provided true fans with a thorough representation of their singles, appropriate album deep cuts and liner notes within to die for!

Often, compilation albums can be a cynical record company cash grab exploiting each album's continued sale prospects. Pleasingly, this isn’t one of these exercises as both discs cover nearly 95% of the band’s recording successes. So for collectors without these double discs, for those unaware of their existence and to those who share a fondness and musical memory of these immense releases, do yourself a favour and listen in as we dive deep on all the interesting anecdotes and facts about these two mighty releases.

Also on the INXS Access All Areas podcast, listen out to our Fan Engagement section, with Bee & Danyelle, when they thank the fans who have contributed to the socials over the past week. Not forgetting you can WIN 2 x Tickets to the Rock and Roll Induction Ceremony in the USA, just email the podcast once you become a Silver Patron or above. Check out our webstite for more details. INXSAccessAllAreas.Com 

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Thanks Hayden and Bee; very curious now to seek out these compilation albums

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