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Episode 181: INXS’ Most Impactful 25 Songs - OUT NOW!

Updated: Mar 30

Nobody loves a good list more than Haydn.

In today’s episode of the INXS Access All Areas podcast, Bee allows him to indulge his longstanding wish to prosecute the case of which 25 INXS songs have the most impact and importance within the cultural zeitgeist.

With a recording career that started in 1980 with their eponymous debut album, and culminated in 2011’s Original Sin rework of some of their material, the band has written over 300 songs. So determining the top 25 that will still resonate in 100 years was a massive undertaking. Many songs landed at '26!' Impact and importance are different criteria than what makes a song a favourite or in the best of. It's about which 25 songs, more than others, resonate with the public consciousness, whether it be the charts, fan enjoyment, legacy, musicianship or simply propelled the band forward in their progression from Aussie touring band to international superstardom.

So sit back, enjoy, agree, disagree, prosecute or revel in what might be our most controversial topic ever!!!

Love and peace. Haydn and Bee.

Entry to the Competition ends on 31st March.  Check our website make a donation or become a patron to the show to enter, check out the website for all the details and more.

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