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Episode 176: “INXS face the new Millennium”!

With the year 2000 upon us, the world was entering an exciting new century. Music, cinema, pop culture and the arts were evolving and INXS were starting to take bigger steps in a world without Michael Hutchence.

With the dust settling on Michael’s posthumous album release, INXS took the left field move of signing up to the Tim Rice Spectacular Concert Series through Australia. Joining recognized artists such as Iva Davies (Icehouse), David Essex (Rock On) and a bevy of renowned Australian artists re-interpreting Tim’s amazing back catalogue of songs.

With confidence slowly returning as an entity, the band continued to surprise teaming up with Jon Stevens (formerly Noiseworks) for two impromptu but sold out gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. With fans traveling as far as Chicago and the UK to attend these gigs, the level of passion and pride at seeing a full-set INXS gig again was palpable!

Combined with some private corporate gigs, the band made their long awaited international return headlining the closing ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games with a rollicking updated version of What you Need that had the crowd on their feet.

So with small steps, INXS were getting their mojo back in a steady and incremental way against the odds.

Love and peace

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Feb 19

Haydn on a roll! Great episode again!

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