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Double Episode 175 Part I & 2 of Alex Proyas: Kissing the Dirt and Hollywood 2024!

Thumbnail for episode 175 of the INXS Access All Areas podcast with Alex Proyas

Alex Proyas: Kissing the Dirt and Hollywood 2024! We are pleased to have famed director and true auteur Alex Proyas on today’s episode of INXS: Access all Areas podcast to share fascinating insights and anecdotes around the filming in Coober Pedy, South Australia of “Kiss the Dirt” video in early 1986. ARIA award nominated, this led to iconic videos for the emerging Crowded House band’s “Don’t dream it’s over” and “Better be home soon” hits that created the impetus for Alex to go overseas and pursue his ultimate passion being “feature films”.

A true sci-fi disciple, Alex went onto work with famed actors Brandon Lee, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, Will Smith, Chadwick Bozeman, Jennifer Connelly and Nicolas Cage in iconic productions such as The Crow, Dark City, I Robot and Gods of Egypt, Alex is a true surrealist and auteur to his craft of making meaningful and impactful cinematic art for all the right reasons. We explore the interesting parallels between both the music and film industry and how one often informs the other in good and bad ways.

Passionate, purposeful and occasionally political, Alex truly opens up about a range of issues that affect the way we consume content and how things could be better, and for this, we are grateful for his stance and passion. Love and peace

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