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Episode 177: Mark Pellington Part One

Updated: Feb 17

Thumbnail for the INXS Access All Areas Podcast Episode 177 with Mark Pelllington

Famed American video, film, documentary and TV director, Mark Pellington joins the INXS: Access all Areas podcast to dive deep into his fantastic video for 1993 INXS single “Beautiful Girl,” as part of an interesting broader conversation.

Having gotten his start via MTV in 1983, Mark was at the forefront when the video clip explosion happened in the early 1980s. Working initially with artists such as Leonard Cohen, De La Soul and PM Dawn, it was his work with Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” video that showcased Mark’s unbridled talents to the music industry heavy hitters. He went on a peerless run, directing for U2 (One), Public Enemy (Shut em Down), REM (Drive), Alice In Chains (Rooster) plus Springsteen, Keane, The Flaming Lips and obviously our beloved INXS.

Interestingly, it was INXS that would bring him his sole Grammy nomination, losing out to Peter Gabriel’s “Steam” video (Urghhhh).

Mark generously opens up about how personal grief informed much of his creative ideas. We get an in-depth look at his work with other artists, feature films and his love of the Australian music industry.

The podcast culminates with a cliffhanger insight into INXS’ lack of recognition by the Rock Hall of Fame Committee that should leave you clamouring for an early release of Part Two!

So sit back and enjoy the iconic words of Mark Pellington.

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