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Episode 114: Scandinavian Love for INXS

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Truly an international band, INXSnever rested on their laurels, and this was evidenced by their success in Europe's post-Kick album. With the X album and Welcome to Wherever You Are making great inroads into the Scandinavian charts, the band toured did a promo, and supported the region that laid claim to great musical pioneers like ABBA.

Melodies and rhythms transcend lyrical and language barriers and the stern hooks, melodious sounds, and sonics of INXS struck a chord then and now with the fans of Scandinavia.

So, INXS: Access All Areas once again takes you back in time and place where the band left such an indelible footprint on the musical landscape of Scandinavia. Be prepared for some ABBA tie-ins, and enjoy!

Love and Peace ✌️

Haydn & Bee

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