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Episode 132: Michael Hutchence’s Recording Friends

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

As we embark on 1995 in our INXS career anthology, Michael Hutchence started to stretch himself musically, teaming up with icon Gang of Four co-founder Andy Gill and Tim Simeon to assist writing and recording his first pure solo album—an album we shall do a deep dive on in future episodes.

However, it served to highlight how respected and liked Michael was within the music industry despite the negative comments by a certain Mancunian songwriter (who shall remain nameless) around this time.

With artists such as Joe Strummer, Bernard Fowler and famed drummer Kenny Aronoff lending their efforts to the recordings, it inspired me to look back and delve into the many famous artists that were inspired to work with both Michael and INXS: in the studio, on stage and on film.

Love and peace ✌️

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1 Komen

It was good for Michael to explore his horizons. His soul needed it.

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