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Episode 131: INXS Compilation Albums 1982-1994

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

It’s often said that greatest hits albums are a culmination of a band’s body of work during the key parts of its career, and with INXS we have contrasting motives behind these releases being discussed today.

1982’s INXSIVE: The Deluxe Years was a helpful entrée for new fans wanting a consolidated understanding of the band’s sophomore work, albeit a cash grab from its old label.

1994’s The Greatest Hits, a more reflective package that covered INXS’ start, their climb, and the starring ascent to worldwide domination with different track listings released in different markets, namely Australia, USA, Japan, Brazil, and the UK.

With bonus tracks on all of these releases, many ardent fans across the globe welcomed these releases into their music collections, whilst passing fans into the band’s singles found these packages a shortcut to sonic joy.

So, as we approach the closing of 2022, join us at INXS Access All Areas as we retrospectively enjoy this first installment that is “The Compilations”! e taken to this event through our heartfelt recounting of this wonderful experience.

Love and peace ✌️

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