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Episode 99: O Canada INXS Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Much like Australia, Canada is a country of true beauty and vast landscapes. Similar to INXS’ homeland, Canada was and still is a marketplace where rabid support and loyalty to the INXS catalogue remains to this day. 

In episode 99, INXS: Access All Areas pays tribute to both band and Canadian fans for their mutual love for one another as myself and Bee, dive deep into all successes and experiences that created such joint love. Singles chart success, touring, recording and interviews are all discussed and acknowledged with thoroughness and thought. 

Canada may have been a slightly slower burn initially for INXS, but it’s the country where the band have had their highest amount of number one singles even exceeding their homeland. 

Additionally, from Vancouver to Quebec and everything in between, INXS constantly toured and supported the rabid fans thirst for live concert touring with loyalty and gusto. 

So, as we prepare for Episode 100 next week, narrow your focus to this special episode that’s also dedicated to our Podcast patrons from Canada, namely Vern, Jamie, Geneviève, Heidi, Sandrine, Maïté and Leon. 

 ✌️ Love and peace,


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