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Episode 130: “Bee and Haydn on tour with Don’t Change!"

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

In the week the world remembers Michael Hutchence 25 years after that infamous afternoon, November 22, 1997, Bee and myself join the remembrance. With the dominant Don’t Change playing the exact venue INXS we were supposed to play 25 years ago in Wollongong, many loyal patrons made it to this fantastic gig.

Blair & co. played a relentless 25-song set, barely taking a breath, with plenty of interesting song choices. We share this evening with some great interviews and footage from the Saturday night gig in question.

Then, from Sunday, we share with our listeners the wonderful experience whereby 60 loyal and nostalgic fans attended the Lamrock Cafe in Bondi where Greg Perano (Michael’s best friend) and Richard Simpkin (Michael: Life in Pictures book) hosted a heartfelt 25th-anniversary tribute on the shores of Bondi Beach.

With fans from all points of the globe, stories, photos, anecdotes, and tunes were shared amongst all with great affection and affinity for a man that still influences our lives.

So, sit back, don’t regret missing out, and be taken to this event through our heartfelt recounting of this wonderful experience.

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1 commentaire

So much fun!!!! Those of us who live in the States are with you in spirit!

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