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Episode 126: Jon Farriss Interview Part One

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

We are blessed today to have the musical genius of Jon Farriss joining INXS Access All Areas for a deep dive into his career and life post-INXS touring. “Old world, new world,” you may say. Jon is extra-giving and generous with his thoughts and insights.

Starting in reverse order, Jon shares what life in 2022 is like as he dials in from his magnificent Byron Bay outskirts estate. He discusses what music means to him circa 2022, the songs that he is most proud of from his INXS days, and the importance of a work-life balance.

Often referred to as the George Harrison of INXS, Jon provides some unique insights into the music industry and society as we “don’t” know it and does so with unyielding passion and purpose.

We are delighted to have Jon, the most reclusive member of INXS, joining our deep dive and giving you, the INXS fans a rare forum to get to know the man behind the greatness.

So, buckle up, sit back and enjoy the words and wisdom of Jon “Deepest Red” Farriss!

Love and peace ✌️ Haydn

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I was so psyched to listen to the incomparable Jon Fariss. What a nice guy and a huge talent to boot! Jon shares insight on the popular INXS songs that he co-wrote. Disappear is one those songs. Jon is kind, sweet and unselfish. Great listen!

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