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Episode 123: The Great INXS Debate

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

It’s with great pleasure and passion that we set the terms of reference in this episode of which Michael Hutchence INXS era was better:

* 1977-1986 OR

* 1987-1997

With ardent fans all having their favourite albums, concerts and memories, we shall enlist the support of our loyal patrons to answer this long vexed question.

With October being INXS album release anniversary month, we have our biggest segments in news, fan engagement and anecdotes aplenty. All that and a deep dive into Bee’s musical sojourn down to Melbourne to see INXSIVE with Haydn and Co.

So we are back, baby, and bigger and better with episode 123 of INXS Access All Areas.

Love and peace ✌️ Haydn

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