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Episode 120: Baby Don't Cry The Review

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

This week we dedicate the Topic to everyone who is suffering from either physical or mental issues. X X

With a suite of new INXS releases and reissues upon us, we are delighted to review the latest HD video upgrades of the remaining Welcome to Wherever You Are singles, namely “Baby Don’t Cry ”, “Taste It ”, “Not Enough Time ” and “Beautiful Girl. ”

Announced on INXS Day of August 16th, these newly-remastered videos are now available for the world to see on YouTube with two such directors, Mark Pellington (Arlington Road) and Bailie Walsh (Flashback of a Fool with Daniel Craig), has gone on to huge Hollywood acclaim.

Of course, we dive deep into the best Maxi CD single formats of such releases and give our own reviews of the rare B sides and artwork on display.

So, for your comprehensive discussion of all things INXS, tune in to this exciting edition of INXS Access All Areas and have your YouTube access upfront and loud!!!!

Plus, of course, this week we bring you more INXS news and gossip!

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INXS forever!

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