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Episode 112: Richard Lowenstein Interview Part One

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome Richard Lowenstein to the INXS: Access All Areas family with a deep dive into his fantastic career. Having previously done an “origin” episode (see Episode 83), we finally get to hear from the man himself.

Richard dazzles us with discussions ranging from his early Swinburne College days through to all of the fantastic artists he has worked with over the journey, namely Hunters & Collectors, Cold Chisel, U2, Pete Townshend, Crowded House and The Church.

And of course, we deep dive on 5 pivotal INXS videos that Richard lent his “auteur” hands to that are still talked about over 30 years later, rounding things off with the Mystify documentary and patron questions.

All listeners are in for a real treat. So, get ready for the first of this two-episode deep dive that is the wonderful Richard Lowenstein.

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Richard Lowenstein's mark on the MTV video world is unique. Not knowing it at the time, but he crafted so many cool videos. As I look back now, I can appreciate his unique style and approach in the videos. I have to watch Dogs in Space. It is on my to do watch list. Great interview!


Maïté Martinez
Maïté Martinez
Jul 09, 2022

Thanks Bee and Haydn for another awesome episode with Richard Lowenstein! Looking forward to Part 2! Off to watch Dogs in Space now…

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