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Episode 111: Haydn’s INXS Mix Tape

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

There is never a dull moment in the INXS world, and this week I was fortunate enough to take in the fantastic cover band in Victoria, Australia, “INXSIVE”! With blistering live performance, it reminded me of those nostalgic days when in the car with Mum and my sister on the 120 miles drive to Kyabram for Xmas.

As such, the good old mix tape offset the crackly fade of early 80's AM and the non-existent FM regional frequency. So, today I dive deep and retrospectively apply unique and meaningful INXS songs to an era in time that is sorely missed and remembered with nostalgic fondness.

We also get to hear Bee’s 1995 Pleasure and Pain tracks, with an emphasis on the pleasure (of course). With some fantastic interviews lined up over the next month, INXS: Access All Areas indulges in what INXS means to its co-hosts, and we hope you, too, can submit for mention your own INXS mix tape with a personal theme attached. We shall share them!!

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