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Episode 107: Michael Hutchence’s Most Primal Moments, Part 1: The List

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

The great Michael Hutchence is regularly eulogised as the “last great rock star”! Adjectives such as charismatic, sinewy, smouldering, spellbinding and magnetic described Michael’s limitless appeal.

So, today’s much overdue episode is for you, the fans, as we interact on what your favourite Michael Hutchence primal moments were and still are. With hundreds of submissions flooding in via all of our digital platforms, we read out as many as we can and nostalgically remember the joy Michael brought to your lives.

Excitingly, this is the first of two parts, as we shall prune this list down to your Top 10 moments for next week’s episode. So, sit back on the bed, close your eyes, put the ear buds in and fantastically fantasize about the man, the mystery, the maestro and the master of earball and eyeball seduction that was Michael Kelland Hutchence.

Love and Peace ✌️


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What amazes me about Michael Hutchence is the journey of his transformation from a shy kid to an international sensation. I believe his growth as a person came as he grew more and more confident in his role as the lead singer and lyricist for INXS. All the other stuff, the sex symbol stuff and everything that comes with it is just a bonus. Michael is extraordinary much more than a pretty face. But this episode, well, it cheerfully focuses on his handsome demeanor and then some. 😎

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