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Episode 106: Back in Time Series: Rocking the Royals in 1985

Updated: May 29, 2022

INXS: Access All Areas has largely taken a chronological deep dive over the last two years. However, today we are taking a “Marty McFly” trip back in the “DeLorean” and breaking from convention. As such, we travel back to November 4th, 1985, when INXS led a swathe of Australian talent by headlining the Charles & Diana concert: “Rocking the Royals”.

Situated in Melbourne, Victoria, whereby the state was celebrating its 150th anniversary, The Arts Centre gig became the most hotly-contested ticket in town as 3000 lucky fans got inside the venue and 40,000 fans danced and celebrated outside with the help of some big screens.

Freshly off the release of Listen Like Thieves, INXS powered through a blistering list of songs that had Charles clicking his fingers and Diana off her chair swaying to the dulcet tones of Michael’s evocative lyrics and moves.

It’s been said that the 1991 Wembley gig was the zenith of INXS’ star. However, gigs such as the Royals gig paved the momentum and ascent necessary to climb into the international consciousness of fans, both local and afar.

So, sit back, immerse yourself in 1985, and reminisce as we take a lovingly forensic look at what was “Rocking the Royals” with INXS!!

Love and Peace ✌️


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1 Comment

I still love watching the clips from this concert.

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