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Episode 102: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Full Moon, Dirty Hearts (November 1993) was the fastest album release (only 15 months since Welcome…) since the band’s second album Underneath the Colours in 1981. Too much product too soon were the record label’s thoughts, and as such, this poorly-promoted release suffered commercially after 1992’s critically-acclaimed Welcome to Wherever You Are.

That aside, Full Moon, Dirty Hearts was a versatile, hook-laden album with more right- and left-turn sounds and sonics than a “Rome City Roundabout”! Funk, soul, grunge, R&B, the blues and world music sounds are all explored musically under the right stewardship of famed musical producer Mark Opitz on the Isle of Capri, Italy.

With guest appearances by Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Ray Charles and Chrissie Hynde, many of the songs were stylistically different from one another. This also opened up the band to be the first that recorded an entire album visually with several young Aussie directors each given a track to make a video.

No doubt the lead single “The Gift” (co-written by Jon and Michael) became the spearhead track that was most successful chart-wise and video award-wise (thank you Richard Lowenstein) and set the tone for another change in INXS’ musical direction.

So, today Bee and I dive deep on an ignored gem in the INXS arsenal of albums and scrutinize how it stands up 29 years later.

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I was looking forward to this review. And it was a great one. Fantastic insights Hayden and great inputs from Bee. Not the most common opinion but for me INXS's best work was in the 90's. They were always awesome but by this time they were really excelling themselves by pushing their sound to the limits, they were really innovative and ahead of their own time, in fact they took the harder path, would be probably easier and more successful if they tried to clone Kick and X over and over again. They were proving everyone that labeled them as 80's pop wrong, by putting out those 2 masterpieces, the 2 brothers that are Welcome and Full moon, with the…

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Andrew lambie
Andrew lambie
18 Απρ 2022

When I came across AAA around episode 40 the Full Moon album review was going to be the album review that I was looking forward to the most. Suffice to say Haydn and Bee have done a fantastic job (as always!) doing the album a real sense of justice with a very faithful and respectful review meticulously researched and presented. Hats off to you both for a job very well done.

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