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Episode 100 of INXS: Access All Areas

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We proudly celebrate episode 100 of INXS: Access All Areas with an episode jam-packed with familiar voices expressing their heartfelt thanks and thoughts amidst a cavalcade of anecdotes. We specially deep dive with one of INXS’ true heroes, Darren Jones, who was a true pioneer in the website space in the late 1990’s, collating and distributing news and content at a global level.

Destined to be a future honorary patron, Darren has generously donated rare content such as the Dekadance material for our competitions. He also opens up in detail but with total respect on his dealings and friendships with each band member, particularly in a period after Michael’s passing when the band’s direction was cloudy.

With marvelous production and archival audio by my Co-host Bee, this episode’s two weeks planning and recording promises to be a “do not miss moment” as we pay tribute with a modern-day perspective to what is great and fantastic about INXS.

Love and Peace 🙏


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