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Episode 162: SHOWDOWN—Kiss the Dirt v. To Look at You

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

With a quick turnaround between episodes, we want to get back to basics and pay homage to the songs that make INXS music so fantastic and memorable.

In our first ever “Song Showdown”, Bee takes the red corner and myself the blue corner as we face off in our first musical debate about the virtues of these two songs that represented the third singles released, respectively, from Shabooh Shoobah and Listen Like Thieves.

“To Look at You”, a new-wave paean to mystery love, is sung and played with a mood unlike any INXS song ever recorded to this point. “Kiss the Dirt” begins with a subtly-restrained intro with evocative outback-inspired keyboards leading to a vocal and guitar escalation that culminates with an early grunge-type payoff.

Both great songs are, musically and sonically, diametrically opposed. Shall Bee make the case? Or shall Haydn make his case with prosecutorial bombardment?

Listen in for this snack-sized episode and cast your vote below!!!

Love and Peace ✌️

Listen & Vote! Who won this round?

  • To Look At You

  • Kiss The Dirt

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