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Unveiling Keith Lemon, aka Leigh Francis; talking about his INXS fandom

Updated: Dec 12, 2023


Thumbnail image for INXS Access All Areas  podcast, Episode 170 featuring the hilarious Keith Lemon. He shares his INXS fandom with podcast host Bee.
Thumbnail image for INXS Access All Areas podcast, Episode 170 featuring Keith Lemon, INXS superfan

This week's INXS podcast, episode 170, welcomes the uproariously funny British comedian Leigh Francis. He's famously known as Keith Lemon among his myriad of other characters, including 'The Bear.' A riotous fusion of humor, and heartfelt INXS fandom unfolds as Leigh takes center stage, sharing anecdotes that'll leave you in stitches. What makes this episode a gem is Leigh's unabashed adoration for INXS, a band that resonates deeply with him. His recounting of being amidst the pulsating crowd at the legendary INXS Wembley gig is nothing short of electric. But that's not all - brace yourselves for an exclusive sneak peek into Leigh's collection of INXS clothing, once donned by the iconic Michael and other band members. The passion is palpable and infectious. As Leigh weaves his tales, our host Bee finds herself engulfed in fits of laughter, thanks to his uproarious storytelling prowess. The chemistry between them sparks a lively banter that'll keep you hooked. It's a hilarious dive into INXS passion!

EXTRA! For those hungry for the full experience, the episode promises a visual treat as well. Keep an eye on the INXS Access All Areas YouTube channel for the video interview, ensuring you catch every priceless moment and infectious giggle shared between Leigh and Bee. Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of humor, nostalgia, and a vivid peek into Leigh Francis' world. Tune in this week and be ready to laugh your way into the intriguing world of INXS fandom, as seen through the eyes of the incomparable Leigh Francis.


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