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Episode 158: Part 2 “Michael’s best friend Greg Perano opens up”!

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Hear Stories that you haven't heard before...

INXS Access All Areas doubles down with the coda episode of ex-Hunters Collectors and best friend Greg Perano diving deep into his longtime friendship with kindred spirit Michael Hutchence.

With a friendship dating back to pre-stardom INXS and the superstar status of Michael Hutchence, Greg fondly takes us back to a time and journey when true friendship was based on care, loyalty, mutual respect and plenty of scallywag moments between twenty-somethings then continued into the thirty-somethings.

Michael’s love for true company from true hearts is never more apparent on this episode as we hear how Greg would get a late night call saying, “Come to Paris. A flight has been booked for you, Greg!” Or how Michael would always look out for those close or afar to ensure they were made to feel comfortable in his presence.

The true notion of Australian mateship and brethren connections are wholeheartedly felt with every noun, verb and adjective when enunciated by Greg. Plus, we have a real intro and outro song treat that we’ve never done before in 157 episodes.

So, sit back, grab a tasty beverage, a tissue or two plus your best headphones and relive one of life’s great friendships, audio-style!

Love and Peace ✌️

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I don't usually start my day listening to the podcast. Today was an exception as this episode is an exception. It was really special to hear how Michael's friends strongly sense his presence. There is evidence that Michael is around which is so comforting to those closest to him. Greg and Richard S. (and Richard Lowenstein) are blessed to have those kinds of experiences. It speaks to the strong and unbreakable bond with this world and that world to put it simply. God bless.

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