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Episode 156: Michael Hutchence’s Last Interview with Famed Aussie Journalist

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Only 4 days before the legendary Australian frontman for INXS took his own life, he conducted his final interview with an emerging writer and journalist for the Herald Sun newspaper, Nui Te Koha.

Before boarding a flight from Los Angeles to his native hometown of Sydney, Michael carved a far different portrait as a man than the one Nui interviewed some 4 years earlier—all on the backend of some scathing personal and professional attacks from Fleet Street’s finest (not)!

Nui captured a Michael who was raw, vulnerable and self-reflective against the initial expectations that it would be a shameless upcoming-tour-promotional puff piece.

Contemplative, honest and somewhat melancholic, Nui captured publicly the true inner feelings Michael was possessing at a time when the “tall poppy syndrome” against the band was at its peak.

We are fortunate enough for Nui to read out the quoted words of Michael, and they’re delivered with heartfelt pathos and pain. Please, if you’re feeling vulnerable and low after listening to this interview, reach out to loved ones and professionals who can help. I’m sure Michael would want that.

Love and Peace ✌️ Haydn

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