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Episode 154: Band and Fans talk Elegantly Wasted Tour

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

As we step back in time to 1997, we rejoice in both the fan and band experience as they share their experiences of being on tour again after a nearly 3-year hiatus.

With patrons and listeners diving deep on what was the Elegantly Wasted Tour, we hear insights from gigs in Scotland, and Los Angeles amidst several prominent tour destinations but excitedly hear from the band as they did the media rounds between gigs.

With excerpts from interviews including Jon Stewart and Rosie O’Donnell, we hear a band enjoying being back on stage together making vital and meaningful music. We also may get an answer from Michael Hutchence himself regarding the rumoured “better than Oasis” refrain that did the rounds during the band’s globetrotting endeavours.

Excitedly, INXS Access All Areas gets all retro with the “Return of the Rant” and Bee’s 1997 “Pleasure and Pain” which has 90% bangers and only 10% clunkers! Additionally, we present an early news section with some genuine newsworthy nuggets.

So, do yourself a favour and block out the world as it argues and enjoy some peace and happiness!

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