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Episode 149: Ollie Olsen’s Manager Bruce Butler

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

We at INXS Access All Areas love producing every episode and sharing them with you, but sometimes a guest comes along that literally blows it “out of the park”. Bruce Butler, a true music heavyweight and Australian national treasure, is that guest!

This two-part deep dive pays particular homage to the greatness of Ollie Olsen, who currently faces the biggest health fight of his life, plus the exciting re-imagined version of “Rooms for the Memory” (an initial 1987 solo number 11 hit for Michael Hutchence via the Dogs in Space soundtrack).

Bruce opens up on this exciting initiative that coincidentally was re-recorded on January 22nd 2023 (sounds familiar), including an updated film clip by Richard Lowenstein, plus a cast of many Australian recording artist luminaries like Adalita, Mick Harvey and Andrew Duffield. With a goal of raising funds for Ollie, this exciting project shall see an international release in July and a possible in-store live performance launch.

Having also managed The Church, launched Virgin Records in Australia, and set up iconic shows here such as The Factory and Countdown Revolution, Bruce’s integrity to project and artist selection is exceptional.

Bruce’s revelations about meeting Michael Hutchence as teenagers in Sydney, the missing master recordings of Max Q and the plethora of fantastic anecdotes throughout his career make these two episodes a NOT-TO-BE-MISSED experience.

✌️ Love and Peace


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I am so glad that Bruce was able to get the masters back for Max Q. Thank God!

Gefällt mir
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