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Episode 140: Elegantly Wasted Side 2

Updated: Mar 6

It’s with great pleasure that we get to deep dive and reviews side 2 of 1997’s Elegantly Wasted by INXS, starting with ‘Girl on Fire‘ at song 7. We take the unique step of also reviewing bonus songs ‘Shine‘ and ‘Let It Ride,‘ both of which were only on international releases (not American).

As always, Bee and I get to add some “deep cut” tracks that weren’t singles to our ever-growing Spotify playlist of lesser-known INXS songs that simply showcase the depth of this classy band's songwriting catalog.

Combined with some great fan engagement, the most up-to-date news, and interesting album anecdotes, this is a not-to-be-missed INXS Access All Areas episode.

Love and peace ✌️ Haydn Check out our fan engagement page to buy a Hot Ticket! Good Luck!

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