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Episode 136: Garry Gary Beers Part 1

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It’s with great pleasure that INXS Access All Areas welcomes to the podcast founding bass player and inimitable groove merchant Garry Gary Beers. Based in Los Angeles for over a decade, Garry formed a tour-de-force sound, particularly with Jon Farriss.

Part One dives deep into the early days when he met other future band partners, his many musical influences and non-INXS activities, such as setting up the legendary Mangrove Studios for other burgeoning artists like Silverchair to come and record at.

Still deeply passionate about his craft, Garry shares some fascinating insights into his new bass guitar design, construction, and marketing of this unique guitar business. Forever frank, open, and giving, we hope you enjoy this rare episode where we pick the brains of a key cog in the INXS machine.

Love and Peace ✌️


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Garry Gary is such a smart, versatile and articulate guy. No wonder the guys from INXS were all so drawn to each other. It is more than just the music. They are interesting and smart. It was cool that Garry Gary was not put off by the younger members especially in the early days. And Tim, don't judge a book by its cover! lol Great interview!

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