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Episode 119: 'Heaven Sent' The maxi Single Review

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

As we acknowledge the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, it’s somewhat appropriate that we dive deep on what many consider the greatest CD Maxi Single in INXS’ catalogue: “Heaven Sent”.

With the early 1990’s signifying a real musical shift, INXS spearheaded their seminal Welcome to Wherever You Are with this four-to-the-floor rock stomper that surprisingly started off as a country-tinged ballad.

Including the bonus tracks “It Ain’t Easy”, “11th Revolution”, “Deepest Red” and the gliding version of “Heaven Sent”, INXS Access All Areas explores this exciting period in 1992 when bands took great risks with their releases.

So, as we enjoy getting all musical again, sit back and enjoy what kicked off an exciting new period of experimentation for the great INXS.

Love and peace ✌️

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1 Comment

I love, love, love this song! It is beautifully crafted in all areas!

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