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Episode 115: INXS AAA in the USA

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

It’s with great excitement, that the INXS Access All Areas Podcast does its first joint simulcast with the fantastic Rock in Retrospect podcast and The Hustle, with Nick Bambach and Jon Lamoreaux, respectively.

With INXS the star act for discussion, the Access All Areas team finds themselves on the other side of the ledger, where both Nick and Jon dive deep into how and why we started a podcast on the band amidst salient questions regarding the band’s enduring legacy on the international stage.

With our deep dive bordering on 3 hours, we advise that you take an interval, intermission, or break(s) but salivate on the wide and in-depth detail we go into regarding INXS.

Similarly passioned and positioned in the podcast recording space, we hope you enjoy this unique episode and be sure to check their podcasts out for future enjoyment.

Here is the link to continue to hear the whole interview...

Love and Peace ✌️

Haydn & Bee

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