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David Clement (Clemo) could not believe his luck. He's in the front seating area of the Pacific Amphitheatre at Costa Mesa, California, as INXS run through their sound-check, prior to the evening's concert, infront of 20.000 excited fans.


Lead singer Michael Hutchenceis also down the front, doing his vocals through his cordless mic, as he walks among the empty rows of seats. Its as if he is singing for Clemo's benefit alone...


Clemo tells his heart warmimg INXS jouney with the INXS Rockstars, from giving them the keys to his lock-up to rehearse in when they first started out, to supplying them with their cars and travelling with them on the KICK Tour. 


This is a self publicated book and is a must read to take you to another part of the INXS journey, you may not know about. 


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Along for the ride! Fast Cars and Rockstars! By David Clement

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