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Episode 169: INXS “1998- And then there were 5!"

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The thumbnail image for episode 169 of the INXS All Areas podcast titled And then there were 5.
Episode 169 INXS AAA podcast - And then there were 5

When a family, a band and a fan base lose somebody as omnipresent as Michael Hutchence, it’s inevitable that a period of uncertainty, angst and healing are required. That’s what 1998 was for INXS as each member had to come to terms with their lives irrevocably changing forever.

So in today’s INXS AAA podcast episode, we examine the environment and circumstances that faced the band, management, the fans and upsurge in tabloid media as we tried to make sense in a world without Michael Hutchence. Would the band tour again? Change their name? Release any recordings with Michael? Get a new singer? Have a tribute concert for Michael? Or even talk to the media sharing their feelings and thoughts on Michael’s passing.

All of these questions and a whole lot more are examined and discussed in-depth, so sit back and deep dive with us on INXS: Access all Areas Episode 169. Love and Peace

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