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Episode 157: Part 1 “Michael’s best friend Greg Perano opens up”!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Hear Stories that you haven't heard before...

Greg Perano, a former member of the iconic Australian band Hunters and Collectors opens up about his long-time best friend Michael Hutchence in a revealing and heartfelt deep dive.

As we commemorate Michael's legacy to INXS we are fortunate to have Greg for two episodes who goes behind the public image and occasional facade of Michael's persona to shed light on his true essence, spirit, wit, sense of humour and unrivalled loyalty to his inner circle.

Joined also by Richard "Michael in Pictures" Simpkin, listeners shall get access to personal anecdotes, irreverent storylines and joyous moments recounted in a manner that only makes us miss Michael further. Delivered with both pathos and loving cheer, Greg had access to Michael's friendship unlike any other person on the planet hence his credentials to share and opine are beyond reproach.

So sit back, be prepared to listen, laugh, lament but most importantly "love baby love' the true friendship of Michael Hutchence and Greg Perano!

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Great interview! Greg is pretty cool with his pragmatic approach to his relationship with Michael. He tells the rest of us (and confirms what we have read and heard) about Michael's character. Same with Richard also. Michael is a gracious and generous soul with a great sense of humor. Those years in the south of France were good for Michael's soul. Sadly, the groundedness that is so needed for people with great fame sadly alluded Michael. On a positive note, he did have friends who loved him like family like the two of you. Thank you, Greg and Richard, for sharing! Look forward to part 2 next week.

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