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Episode 104: Full Moon Dirty Hearts, Side 1

Updated: May 13, 2022

Hey, “don’t bore us get to the chorus”, I hear you say. Well, after Mark Opitz's fantastic insights into the whole Capri set up and backdrop on the recording of Full Moon, Dirty Hearts, it’s time for the songs.

As such, we take a forensic deep dive “CSI Capri style” into tracks 1-6 on side one of the album, namely:

  1. Days of Rust

  2. The Gift

  3. Make your Peace

  4. Time

  5. I’m only Looking &

  6. Please (You Got That...)

Expanding on the production, band performance and musicality of each track, we unearth some fascinating and never-heard insights and anecdotes.

With the album front loaded in terms of rock tracks, no doubt it’s a bone of contention with Producer Mark who, despite great affection for all of the album’s songs, was frustrated with the interference from “outside influences”.

So, if you haven’t examined or are vague to the tracks on this album, do yourself a favour and tune into what is a fascinating examination and review of an overlooked musical achievement.

Love and Peace ✌️


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