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Episode #43 What goes on Tour stays on Tour!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

With Special guest Sean Dickson, from the Soups dragons.

Before a rock group can become the main concert act, you need to pay your dues as a support band.

INXS definitely did this in the early days supporting iconic acts in the day such as Midnight Oil, Queen and famously Adam and the Ants.

In the Summer of 1991 it was INXS’ turn to return the favour to one of Britain’s most in demand and highly regarded acts “The Soup Dragons”. Asked to join INXS X Factor tour, the Soup Dragons got a taste of leaving the clubs/pubs and plying their craft in huge stadiums, all across Europe. With unique incites and anecdotes about their time with one of the worlds biggest bands finally conquering the UK and Europe, we also get to live the actual experience through lead singer Sean Dickson.

The Soup Dragons were an emerging band, hanging out with an iconic group, from somebody uniquely placed to comment on INXS.

“We also recognize and pay homage to the life and contribution to music,

of Music Mogul Michael Gudinski, who sadly passed away March 2nd.”

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