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Episode 94: Song Deep Dive: The One Thing

Second up in our celebration of INXS song week is 1982’s The One Thing, a track that might be argued was the most significant musical leap and audience reaching of their careers. With shrewd management by Chris Murphy, INXS had Mark Opitz now at the helm who had the ability to bring out that “big INXS sound” for the first time.

With their first top 15 hit in Australia roaring through the airwaves, it set up Shabooh Shoobah for 12 months of Top 40 occupation and 3 subsequent strong singles. But most importantly, it crossed over into the fickle MTV and Billboard landscape by becoming a Top 30 hit Stateside.

The rest, they say, is history so sit back and reminisce the greatness of The One Thing that 40 years later, still sounds fresh and vital.

Love and Peace ✌️


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