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Episode 93: Song Deep Dive: Burn For You

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Bee and I are about to undertake our most ambitious recording workload with 5 episodes in 5 days!!! Why? Well, it’s time to go back and celebrate 5 “turning point and pivotal songs” in the INXS catalogue that remain fan staples and permeate the sound waves globally on a daily basis. 

First up, we discuss the legendary Australian charts number 3 hit “Burn for You” in all its glory, with sounds and structures reminiscent to two other tracks of its era. Added to the Live Baby Live album in 1991, “Burn for You” gained prominence, particularly in the USA when INXS conquered the land of Uncle Sam. 

The first of five episodes includes the usual segments such as INXS/musical news, gig updates and fan engagement. However, episodes 2-5 on the Song deep dives shall be perfect lunch break fodder and only be 30 minutes; it’s all “chorus and no bore us”!!!!!

So, INXS fans, this week it’s all about the songs that brought invaluable joy and ear-candy pleasure, representing a more innocent and nostalgic time in our lives when things were easy. 

Love and Peace ✌️


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