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Episode 90: Richard Clapton: INXS on the Avenue, Part 1

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The 1970’s were a seminal time worldwide for singer-songwriters with the names James Taylor, Billy Joel, Carol King and Neil Sedaka permeating the cultural landscape. In Australia, Richard Clapton spearheaded the “down under” contribution to the field of songwriting success. 

However, it was 1981 when a chance meeting with six young musical upstarts from the Northern Beaches paved the way for an enduring and successful musical kinship and friendship. The Loved One cover and Underneath the Colours album were pivotal in establishing INXS as an emerging act and one that fans and critics would jump on board with as this new decade took shape. 

So, in the first of two episodes, we are blessed to talk to Richard and dive deep on a time, place and period where “the song, the craft and the culture” were all about the artistic craft. Fascinating anecdotes, a loyalty to his mates and a heartfelt passion shine through as we thank Richard for all he has done. 

So dive deep and enjoy the dulcet tones of Richard Clapton. 

Love and peace ✌️


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