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Episode 89: Happy Australia Day, INXS and Fans

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

January 26th is Australia Day, and it’s with patriotic pride we take listeners back in time when this freshman band of brothers blasted out of the blocks with gunslinging swagger to take on the Australian music scene. Full of passion and pride, INXS were proud of their Aussie heritage but never made it a cringey marketing ploy unlike their contemporaries (hello, Men at Work!).

So, this week we pay tribute to the 1977-86 period of INXS’ career whereby they came, they saw and they conquered Australia first before making the massive play for international success. Many Oz fans see Shabooh Shoobah and The Swing as their favourite and most iconic albums, and we pay tribute to the effect and role these albums played before the Chris Thomas trilogy of Listen Like Thieves, Kick and X had globally.

We dive deep on touring, the early videos, local awards achieved, chart success and the cultural impact earned that brought about a confidence, a self-belief and a financial ability to relocate and take on North America, Asia and Europe.

All this and a whole lot more as we celebrate with patriotic pride and passion, the “formative Aussie years” of INXS and in their homeland, Australia. Great southern land …. awesome Australian band!!!



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