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Episode 72 kirk Pengilly Interview 3/3

As we wrap up the Kirk Pengilly trilogy retrospective, it’s time for many of our valued patrons to hit him up for question time. Forever the gentlemen and Mr. Nice Guy, Kirk graciously answers these with passion and purpose.

Also, we get to dive deep into those pivotal INXS songs that Kirk feels summed up the band plus uncover a surprising link between the MAXQ album and Kirk himself. Additionally, that famous trek from Sydney to Perth with Michael in the late 1970’s is revealed whilst Kirk discusses possible new music from the archives of “Vault Pengilly”.

Yes David Gaunt "It's Christmas!!!" lol

All this combined with done hilarious prank anecdotes and a surprise drop in visitor by a famous 7-time world suffering champion, we are thrilled to share the last installment of our

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