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Episode 64 Don't Change!

Don’t Change... It’s rare that a song that eked into the Billboard Charts at number 80 in 1982 could still some 39 years later still have such a profound effect. The epic sounds, soaring vocals, and lyrical refrain have made the song rock n roll royalty with it inspiring Bruce Springsteen, No Doubt, Everclear, Grinspoon, AFI, and The Audreys amidst many to cover it. A song that still sounds vital and fresh thanks largely to Mark Opitz's timeless production. A song that still elicits the heart, mind, and soul to invest in every line. A song that truly still enables an emotional connection each time it plays on the radio.

So, this week we dig deep into just what, why, and how this song has become the classic weapon in INXS’ catalogue and share its greatness to you, our listeners. Love and peace!

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1 Comment

Danyelle K Rainer
Danyelle K Rainer
Aug 19, 2021

Thank you for doing another deep dive/analysis of Don't Change. It's in my top 3. But I have to admit now when I hear it on the radio, I fuly expect to hear Bee come through & say "Well Hello" 😄

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