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Episode 63 How to win friends INXS style!

“How to win INXS fans and influence people”!

Like the famous author Dale Carnegie of the first self-help book published in 1936 namely “How to win friends and influence people”, we take notable inspiration. INXS themselves have won many admirers across the globe and influenced many bands and artists accordingly. So today we celebrate, cite, eulogize and acknowledge such matters as introduce a brand new segment to our podcast series. Curious? Well you’ll need to listen in and dive deep when it comes to our topic section of INXS: Access all Areas and enjoy

Also it’s the return of pleasure and pain in 1993 as Haydn reminisces about the songs that he loved, still love amidst the stinkers that only serve as musical earworms 28 years later. Enjoy! Please sign the petition at to help get INXS nominated into the ROCK & ROLL HALL of FAME, where they belong. If you would like to support the show then why not buy us a virtual coffee, by becoming a Patron and helping us continue to grow and become better. Paypal donations welcome To become a Patron/ subscriber then check out our different levels and see which one suits you. or visit our website for more info

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