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Episode 62 Great Britain Great INXS!


INXS was a truly international band with the sextet playing over 4000 gigs across the globe.

In this first installment of INXS’ conquering a region, we commemorate the slow burn and ultimate ascent to cultural icons in the UK.

This culminating in Wembley and the number one album, Welcome To Wherever You Are. We examine all aspects of the band's influence of British bands in their formative years plus five deep on tours, sales, chart results, friendships formed and just how they overcame the prejudice of the UK press to truly deserve what became in July 1991: “INXS week in Britain”.

Don't forget to check out the eBay page, there is always something wonderful to bid on and win. This week is an original complete Fan-kit from 1997, jam-packed with goodies. Click this link to find out more about what is inside

So sit back, listen closely, and enjoy what was arguably their toughest market to crack and celebrate INXS in the UK!

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